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Brush Riggings & Slip Rings Repair

Supplying New and Refurbished Generator Parts and Providing Repairs to More Than Motors and Generators

H&N Wind delivers valuable field services designed to minimize operational costs on numerous components on the wind farms. We have negotiated contracts, and in some instances, provided input in the design of components that are built to operate as direct replacement with either lower cost and /or higher MTBF.

Either way, H&N is poised and able to quickly supply sites with alternative and applicable products and savings over the original wind turbine manufacturer components. In the case of brushes and brush rigging, we can utilize OEM or supply products from world leading manufacturers.

Slip Ring

Mersen for example, manufactures wire transfers and in some instances can refurbish them. Another opportunity utilizes H&N's internal machine shop to refurbish slip rings for re-use several times, saving the high cost of buying new. We have many examples to share with suppliers, owners and operators on how to lower the cost of operation.

Slip Ring