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Large Correctives

Maximizing your wind turbine performance for MORE UPTIME is our mission.

At H&N Wind, we strive to get the job done quickly and correctly from repairs to full component exchanges. With the capability to fabricate specialized equipment and tooling at one of our in-house shops, we are easily accessible to provide faster, more efficient turbine service and maintenance to minimize downtime.

Component Exchange Work

There is an extremely high number of unpredicted failures in gearboxes. This coupled with aging turbines and expiring warranties has created a greater need than ever for large corrective work that requires specialized equipment. Work of this nature also requires very specific training and skill sets with strict safety compliance rules. Working 300 feet in the air, lifting equipment that can weigh upwards of 100,000 pounds and often in extreme weather conditions, creates an extensive list of job related issues that can arise at any minute. Our team is experienced in these type of unique jobs where heavy lifting and experience is crucial.


  • Experienced, highly-skilled team
  • In-house shop for tooling and fabrication
  • Three large corrective teams strategically located throughout the US

Large Correctives