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H&N Wind - Wind Solutions That Work

Generator Repair

H&N Wind provides upgraded brush systems, upgraded bearing packages, upgraded winding materials and upgraded rewind technology to turbine generators. In order to minimize our customer’s downtime, we have obtained the latest rigging and jigs to provide up-tower repair on both generators and gearboxes from multiple manufacturers.

The Failure

Supply and demand in the market several years ago allowed the quality of some generators to be less than optimal. With generators being built at such a fast rate, attention to detail often lacked. We have seen those issues more frequently in the last year. At H&N we have the ability to investigate and repair these failures both up-tower and in our three strategically located repair centers.

Bearing Changes and Repair

How We Fix It

H&N performs a variety of tests in the field using specialized equipment to identify these issues before failure occurs. In the event that a large failure does take place, our wind service teams have the ability to remove the generators and deliver them to one of our three full service motor repair centers to diagnose, solve, and repair problems.

Mechanically, all of our repair centers have full service machine shops capable of repairing or re-manufacturing major components including generator shafting, power slip rings, bearing housings, etc.

We have the tools & expertise for repairing shaft and metal equipment. We are a distributor of several products that can be applied to address multiple types of gouging, cracks and metal loss damage. A non-VOC, quick-hardening element (1-day cure) is applied and molded to affect exacting, permanent repairs to gouges and indentations on shafts, loose key ways, stripped threads, etc.

These two services can significantly affect the bottom line in a number of ways:

  • Minimizing downtime
  • Removing the need for a crane when possible
  • Preventing more significant damage and more costs


  • Minimization of production losses as a result of expedient mobile capabilities
  • Immediate repair
  • Multiple types of repairs
  • Non-VOC
  • Fast curing time