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Gearbox Repair

The Failure

An important part of any maintenance program is to understand the root cause of failures and how to identify them. Common causes of gearbox failure are often related to under designed bearings, bearing misalignment and lubrication issues (for both main bearing to gearbox bearings).

One way to accurately detect faults, such as bearing failure, is condition monitoring. Using CM to test and measure operating conditions, helps identify failures early on.

How We Fix It

By aligning ourselves with strategic partners like OEM’s to certify our technicians, we enable our team with required certifications. Utilizing our strategically located machine shops, we are able to manufacture specific tooling required to perform up tower repairs and eliminate the use of cranes when possible.

Why Us?

Our new relationship with Timken, a leader in bearing engineering, design and manufacturing, allows H&N to better understand the root cause of failures and proper maintenance solutions to prevent them. Being aligned with the leading aftermarket manufacturer, coupled with our component manufacturers relationship, allows us to set the standard in gearbox repair.


  • OEM certified repair technicians
  • Team of expert engineers
  • Condition Monitoring and Data Analysis
  • Cost saving solutions

We also perform down-tower gearbox repair at our newly expanded and renovated shop at the H&N Wind location in Pasco, Washington.

Gearbox Repair