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H&N Wind - Wind Solutions That Work

Gearbox & Generator Repair

H&N Wind is a premier gearbox and generator repair services company with a focus on the bearing engineering, design and manufacturing of wind power generation equipment. With 3 locations strategically located throughout the US, H&N Wind is ready to take on any repair and service challenge, whether it includes large correctives, or a root cause analysis and component upgrades. OEM certified gearbox repair technicians and full service motor repair centers in Pasco, Washington, Denver, Colorado, and Princeton, West Virginia, allow H&N Wind Services to offer the most advanced and comprehensive solution for mission critical wind farm motors and generators.

Bearing Changes and Repair

While the advent of wind power has proven beneficial to the power generation industry, it has also come with some very serious engineering design and repair challenges. Initial versions of wind farm generators were often under-engineered, and system failures were all too common. Additionally, while most conventional power generation equipment sits comfortably on the ground in an enclosed facility, wind farm generators are large and sophisticated assemblies poised over a hundred feet in the air and services must often be done in high wind conditions. H&N Wind's team of OEM certified gearbox repair technicians can help companies with their emergency repair needs, with a ‘run to the problem’ mentality, and also offer a predictive maintenance program moving forward.

By using portable diagnostic tools onsite, such as infrared thermography to detect heat buildup or vibration analysis equipment, inspectors can determine the health of any system and can make accurate predictions about potential system breakdown. By detecting the slightest changes in system performance repairs can be made in a non-emergency context, and the need for large correctives can be avoided.

If you are running a wind farm, talk to us about our full service motor repair centers and the range of their services. Maintaining maximum performance and uptime is the number one goal, and H&N Wind is the gearbox and generator repair services company to get you there.